Friday, 17 February 2012

A peek in the PR chic's head

I have always wanted to do this, planning, organizing getting things done nicely and in the most creative unique way... the glamorous touch you may call it. Just after graduation from college I got a recommendation to work with this international firm located in the highbrow area of Lagos. I was so gassed! My dreams all coming true! What happened to all the scary sayings "life after school is something else" "you gotta walk the streets of Lagos before you can find a decent place to work" or "these days it’s about who you know your connections"... Well mine just dropped on my laps without breaking any sweat or better still, like a page in the third chapter of the book of my life's dreams just came alive.

If you've been to Lagos before you'd know that the difference between life on the Island and life on the Mainland is immeasurable, from cost of living to style of living and occupation isn't left out. Think of your worst bank on the mainland with poor staff grooming and all, any of its branches on the island would be the exact opposite, flourishing with all suaveness and grandeur. Well It dint take long before I got accustomed to the panache and the Island wave, you may call it craze. The fun trips to work in the mornings, Cappuccinos n bagels on the way to work, Night life is the bomb, like every other night you could find a place where it’s really happening, from the former News-Cafe at the Palms to Mega Plaza Inns, the Marquee, Karaoke Bars whoa! Mind blowing...

The most important thing was, I was on the top of my game doing things rightly in my organization and getting verbal appreciations for them. It wasn't too long before life hit me with its share of  what I'd like to call "discomforting change" ... You know how u get so comfortable at doing something you probably love, or staying somewhere you probably love...yep! That was my own discomfort, was a little rattled when I had to leave the Island for the Mainland... not a suburb in anyway though, as a matter of fact, I think it’s an highbrow area too! There I began My journey in PR, I thought I was born to do "that"(as described in the earlier paragraphs) but each day as I get here and function, maybe flourish too, I realize, My discomfort was a push into my reality. Some call it "destiny". Determined to make this journey a very interesting one, one I wouldn't hesitate to share its interesting highlights with you on this blog if you wouldn't mind the read!

My word for you as the week ends is....release yourself from your self imposed free from your inhibitions, you only live once! Your comfort zone may not be the true taste of comfort after all.

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