Monday, 30 April 2012

Just Did It!

This is not the first paragraph, the next is, but since I have delayed this post for so long (since March); I kept coming back to it. I had to do this introductory paragraph. I am going to be celebrating a couple of young people who I see are making a difference in their own unique ways in our crazy world. I want to do this not just to encourage them, psyche myself to do better or ginger you to get on with your dreams, but also 'cause as a PR chic, the bulk of my work is "creating awareness, familiarity (if u like) for laudable deeds", hence you have it...Just Did It!

(March 2012…) I was wondering what's next as info on my blog and it jumped on me!  You are prolly wondering what I "just did"...There are quite a number of young achievers out there, many of them making a difference in a most distinctive way. Remember this saying.., "you want to see a change, be the change". This post is dedicated to more than a couple young people who I see are indeed making a difference, matching along the road less traveled. Maybe when am done, you'll get a jolt to get up and like Nike "just do it" that idea you think is stupid and can’t fly, that opportunity you have refused to grab, that thing you keep leaving "till tomorrow" ... hopefully you'll get undeterred and "Just do it”.
A friend of mine once tweeted "if when your name is Googled all that comes up from the search is Facebook/LinkedIn and social networks you belong to, you might want to address that result" Bottom Line, no point wasting time, dig up that plus that puts the extra in your ordinary, and I don’t care the excuses you may have "just DO IT".

Lina Oak -
In no particular order I'll start with Ogechi Chidebelle pen name, Lina Oak. She is the CEO Jolie Consult an International Communications and Beauty Outfit and Publishers of Jolie Magazine, a beauty magazine covering everything from skin to style on the African Woman. She studied Public Relations and Advertising at the Lagos State University and is currently on her second degree in Marketing at the University of Iowa, USA. Apart from her striking looks, Lina Oak as she is popularly called is an author of some published and many yet to be published works. She happens to be the most fascinating writer I have come across. I am sure you’ll agree with me when you get to read her works. She is very versatile, well read and is ever bursting with ideas, which explains why she has got a couple of projects coming up. Cant spill ‘em ere *sealed lips* just watch out sha.

Novo Isioro -
She is a favourite of mine,*grins*, we’ve been friends for about 15years; you know those 'childhood dreams'? Yea...we shared loads. It’s good to see that shez doing great, carving a niche in photography. Lilian Novo Isioro as elophotos puts it in his post "12 photographers to watch out for in 2012..." photographers like Lilian will prove to Nigerians that what a man can do photographically, a woman can do better. Her passion for photography goes beyond the pictures she takes in the day; she even dreams about photography when she sleeps". One thing I see with Lilian which is very exceptional is her doggedness; she is driven and never wanting to settle for second-best. In less than a few months of her venturing into photography, she has obviously jumped levels, she is practically busy every day and weekend covering special events; weddings, corporate functions, not leaving out the just concluded Arise Magazine Fashion Week in Lagos. I’ll be happy to showcase some of her beautiful captures sometime on this blog. You can learn more about this budding photographer on her website; and maybe pick a thing or two that might inspire you!

Next will be a very interesting personality who some of you may already know. She is one very young Lady who inspires me so much. She has achieved what many will call impossible and is very much undaunted. I can begin a long page about her but cannot fail to mention the fact that she is a 'WOS' - woman of substance as it is but she is indeed a "woman of the Spirit". I can write loads of excellent stuffs about her, from the time she was the last female standing and Second Runner-Up in the First Season of “The Debaters”, an oratorical Reality TV show, to the period where she spearheaded a female leadership group through prayers "women of Destiny" to this point where she has gain much ground for herself in the area of TV production and Public Speaking. She is very bright and stylish too! A visit to her blog oops! I gave up her name already... Yea, Dami Amele. A visit to her blog will give you a clearer picture. She is definitely one person to watch out for in our generation.

After all said, I chose to write on these beautiful three in this episode of my "just did it" series. I will from time to time show case young people I see are indeed making a difference either in their chosen field or in our world generally. I'll do this to encourage myself, encourage and appreciate "them", emphasizing the beauty of 'going the extra-mile" and not settling for mediocrity as the conditions of our society dictates. But most of all to make YOU, yes YOU realize you have abandoned that project for too long, you have postponed that idea for too long, you cannot keep living below the average 'cos like peak puts it "there is a drop of greatness in everyone" ...the world is waiting...I am watching.... I do hope I can get to write about you in my next episode…
And I Just Did It!


  1. Nice one and very inspiring. Hope it won't be long b4 the next post surfaces. Just do it again ......soon.

    Muyiwa Akande

  2. hahaha! I will Sir... very honoured to have your comment on my blog!