Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Let’s Talk about PR... PR 101

I haven’t always understood what Public Relations was all about, neither had I always known I was going to pursue a Career in it… But looking back right now, I am glad am in the profession!
A basic definition of public relations is to shape and maintain the ‘image’ of a company, organization or individual – your client, in the eyes of the various "publics." A public in PR terms is anyone who ever has or ever will form an opinion about the client, in other words; suppliers, consumers, shareholders, stake holders, employees and more recently, online fan groups – Social Media Groups [Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest etc.] clients, potential clients, to mention but a few…am sure u can add to that list.

Basically, our core competencies in PR would be writing Press Releases – hmm let me talk a little about that… To be a successful PR practitioner you have got to have a good, permit me to say, excellent writing skill. If you aren’t born with it, you might have to cultivate it by reading excellently done write ups from everywhere, online newspapers, PR Websites press release/news tab e.g. study the patterns and how they are written, read, watch, imitate step by step… just make sure it jumps on you. Not leaving out “eye-for details”, what’s the point of good communique content with heart wrenching errors? No good…

I can tell you this because over time within the period I began my career in Public Relations, I have cautiously and consciously developed my writing skills, Initially it seemed impossible, but with an open mind, a very willing to learn spirit and of course ever ready to teach superiors, I can say I have moved past average (…don’t want to sing my own praise LOL, maybe my boss will tell you how I fared sometime on this blog).