Tuesday, 14 August 2012


"this ain't a good time, but when is it ever? I know the perfect time....and baby that's never.

Jinxed? Hell no! 

I finally broke the jinx of not blogging unless I see a desktop, using my iPad today and although I wouldn't be able to use pictures and arts cos I haven't mastered blogging from here, I'm glad I dropped a new post today!  That quote u see up here is a cut from one of my favorite songs by K'naan - Hurt me tomorrow. And I must say, "this will have to be my shortest post ever" or maybe not...

How many times in our lives do we leave important things undone while we pursue those things that maybe add no value and really don't matter? Someone once said "you are confined only by the walls you build yourself" many a times we find ourselves giving excuses like "the time isn't right", "am too young", "I wanna start it big", "she is too smart and beautiful, she'll never date me why try?" ..."our leaders are corrupt it's no use having integrity"... Yes do they sound familiar to you? I can go on and on but you see, these my friends, are walls we build daily around our lives, our dreams our aspirations and I have learned from personal experiences that these seemingly meaningful reasons only confine us, they put fear in us and rob us of the chance of being extraordinary and great, some of us have even lost the courage to "dream big"!

You can grow beyond the limitations you have put on yourself, your JINX! Here is what you should do: release you, release your mind, your limited thinking and let your true self come out. It is true everyday we evolve...more of you come up everyday and if you release yourself, you'll not only surprise your self and surprise the world, you may be activating someone else's destiny through yours which could have died had you not broken the jinx you alone brought upon yourself. 

"Bill Gates Made Men"...

A critical example is Microsoft, Bill gates's release from any form of confinement allowed him activate multiple successful destinies and talents which obviously were tied to his. From findings, the employees in Microsoft are millionaires. Bill Gates may be the CEO(former, now Chairman) but he has activated other entrepreneurs within his organization. No he certainly isn't jinxed! The question is, are you? 

I urge you, don't becomed Jinxed!


  1. u get it wrong there, the problem z, u cant compare our environment with dat of Billy.. They have a workin system, which in turn makes them live comfortable lives, which also in turn enables them to explore... How can u explore and break barriers wen you dont have the adequate skill? which nowadays, needs to be acquired with a whole lot of money, which also needs to be acquired.
    Someone with a world-class idea, cant accomplish his vision cus, his cost of production will override his profit and quickly throw him into losses b4 his business is established.
    my advice is, lets pray 4 dis country cus, if d system z gud, we will surely b better dan d bill gates of this world!

  2. Well my friend, if u recall Bill gates's story, he never had it rosy, it's not a question of what our government can do for us or the state of our nation, it's a question of what can we do to improve first our own life, and then the lives of people around us. Meanwhile, Bill gates story was just an example, to show us that we should never hold back on our dreams, we should go all out to work them out as long as we breathe... Cos generations will benefit from if when it eventually yields fruits...

  3. I agree with you, we should never hold back our dreams. However, Bill Gates was a Havard dropout. What does that tell you? We should go all-out, but we also need a platform which we all apparently 'LACK'.