Thursday, 30 May 2013

Your Attraction!

Practice this Art

Yep, couple of months back, I took a long break from writing, Facebook and chilled a bit on twitter... Took some time out to myself, read more books and watched TV, lots of TV series, Yep and I enjoyed it! I got to travel around too. Will bring gists and pictures soon.

Every now and then, it’s nice to take a break from all the 'noise', voices, social demands etc. and actually listen to the voices in our heads. Yes, your mind speaks to you, it tells you the truth about yourself, who you are, who you wanna be, what you wanna do but often times we do not give that voice a hearing! During my break, I learnt a lot about taking advantage of the wonderful shifts in our generation and actually living a remarkable life. I am going to expatiate a little on this very powerful mind tool we all are equipped with but only a few are even aware of its presence.

The "law of attraction", like the law of gravity, holds sway in our lives, lemme put it simply... whatever you think on, focus on, dwell on you will eventually get or become. Now for each thing we focus on, there is "the problem" and "the solution"; you have the "negative" and the "positive". It's not like some people have the strength to think, focus or dwell on the solution or the positive but some people have understood the law of attraction that irrespective of the fact that the negative, the problem exists (realists) when you focus on the solution, the positive, it eventually becomes your reality!
So... You do have this big job interview coming up, of course there are two options; you either flunk it or you do well... both are available to you. But if you choose to think on doing well and doing well only... it drives you to get up and do all the things that will make you do well. Like, grooming yourself to look like the person in that position you are about to be interviewed for, like rehearsing if you like, to speak confidently as one who deserves that position and also carrying yourself like one who already has it. You will Attract that position with all those actions and it will become your reality, the interview could almost be like a "walk in the park" when in reality it was difficult. Your focus on the positive and blindness to the negative kick-started this success in the first place.

It’s as simple as that! I have tried it, it’s working for me and I thought to share. You can apply this in every other area of your life... Looking to hook a spouse? The right one... Oh so you want a king...have you focused on being who a king would desire? Have you dressed, spoken, trained yourself to literally be a Queen? So that its not you running after the King but the King is ultimately Attracted to you. This also goes to money matters, business start-ups, business sustenance or branch-outs. 

Hmmn! Lets have a break, think and act on this Hype on Attraction, Lov'ya!

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Image credit: Andy Dooley - Laws of Attraction Expert.


  1. Insighful... Law of attraction tho... I shall be bak

  2. You know, I heard about the Law of Attraction when I was in my 3rd year in the University. It has been a part of me ever since. When I saw this post, my face glowed with a bright smile. I remember telling my brothers about it and they said "My friend leave me jor. If something negative is happening to u, how can you focus on the positive"?

    I am a living testimony of this. It also applies to your prayers. The thing is, most people pray and hope, not pray and generate the feeling of deserving what they are praying for. There is no veteran in this project. Everybody still learns because of the way the environment has shaped the background of each person from birth.

    It is no coincidence that 10 percent of the world population control 90 percent of the money that is being circulated, without even going through so much stress. The 10 percent understand something that the rest do not.
    Trust me, this has worked for me and its still working. I'm not there yet but I'm definitely on the right track.

    Awesome write up Temidayo. I will feature this on my blog very soon. :)

  3. Awesome stuff Tony! But let me be the first to feature your story here too, lets make this #Secret known.

  4. Hello Temibekwe, I just did a brief (It's a bit lenghty though) write-up on my own version of this.

    Please feel free to visit anytime.

  5. Hmmmmmmmm............... *scratches head*