Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lets Talk About PR ... PR 202

Photo Credits : Rob Wynne
Well I am not one to come upon information that will enlighten my friends and colleagues then shut it out. I like to share, in fact sharing is my middle name Lol, but seriously, no jokes. Last year I did a write up on Public Relations "Let’s Talk About PR - PR 101" to demystify the intricacies of the profession to people outside of it. Many enjoyed it and requested I continued with more hints on PR, some may have given up on it but now to those who were patient and to you reading my Let’s Talk About PR series for the first time (I suggest you dig in the archives for PR 101), Enjoy! (Those my friends on blackberry messenger who keep wondering what PR is all about and do not understand my Job, here, this is to you *grinning*) 

Public Relations, often mistaken for "publicity" especially in our part of the world to simply put it is the strategic and deliberate communication - of a brand, individual, organization or institution to its public or stakeholders ---- Yep My definition for now.

Kindly Note: Public Relations is deliberate, planned and more importantly sustained over a period of time. Ahhh! Enough with the crash course, anyway, one of the tools used in public relations is press release and I have for you;

Expert tips on writing a high quality Press Release ...Enjoy!
1.       You should divide the press release into few paragraphs. Make sure each of these paragraphs is short and precise.

2.      Avoid being promotional in your PR, rather try to prepare a good informational press release to educate your publics extensively.

3.      Avoid long witty comments stick to your news taking the highlights at the beginning of each paragraph and your guided objectives.

4.      You can also, hire an expert to write a high quality press release and submit it to a tailored target media. Try to prepare a budget and distribute in some paid directories as well.

Now that’s alright, before I give away all of my “selling point”. I do hope you were enlightened and you hoping to build a career in PR, I say there’s plenty of room for success and still lots to learn and share!

Warm regards to you dear reader and please drop a comment below on this write up, cheers.


  1. hmmm Temi..

    You mentioned tips of writing a high quality press release.. wouldn't it be contradicting to mention "giving it to an expert to write" (4th point)

    I understand what you mean though.. I just thought giving points on how to write, one will be focused on the individual trying it themselves, if you know what i mean.

    Nice post.. Looking forward to more from you.

  2. Hello Anonymous 02:06

    Its nice to read from you and cool of you to have taken the pain to read through. Let me however draw your mind to the words at the beginning of the 4th sentence "you can also". Lol, if haven tried suggestions 1-3 and not satisfied, I recommend you hire an expert so you can get viable results. Cheers! More PR hints on the way.