Monday, 30 June 2014

Get Un-learned to Re-learn

I have a secret and I am going to tell it all out loud so it's no longer a secret...

I want to write about some things, a variety of things, many things in my head struggling for exposure but I do not yet know which one I'll pick. (The Secret)

 The Clique back in France @ the #GoogleSandBar
A few days back I was at the #CannesLions Festival of Creativity 2014 in France where I had the opportunity to represent Nigeria at the #YoungLionsCompetition PR Category. Little did I know that beyond the competition, my life was quickly going to turn around? For good? Oh yea, for some Awesomeness. It was of course the largest gathering of people in the creative industry all over the world from Advertising, Film, Design, Media, PR both young, old or midlife that I have ever witnessed. Now the Tale...

My YoungLionMarketing Friend

The Mix, Learning n Sharing at the #YoungLions Zone
At the Festival, though we differed in colour, age, size, style, culture and any other idiosyncrasy you can think of (... cos I lost touch with those). We all had one thing in common, we all came to Share and to Learn! I remember as children, we shared our toys and tried to understand our friend’s toys or games... but as we grew older, it seemed we outgrew this ability.

The animal instincts of survival of the fittest crawled in, how to get the good stuff and stay ahead of others in the game, as we attain a level, we crave the next. Not that this is a bad thing, but is it the ultimate in life? When our souls leave our mortal bodies (which all of us will eventually face) what matters are the footprints we leave behind, how much of our being we really explored, the lives we've touched and the truth about who we really were!

My charge to you simply is to release all that you can be, stop holding back, stop trying to beat others, don't withhold information that could change other people's circumstances. Start giving, sharing, learning, and caring... 

Start Living and like a child be ingenious, adventurous and explorative, be willing to un-learn so as to re-learn, (cos as adults we sometimes feel we know it all) don’t be a bore even to yourself. See a few pictures below of Naija YoungLions in Cannes...

Me and my "Nigresses" LoL! Jessie n Sandie

Go Efeeeee Steppin' to Techno  beats like its Olamide on the Mic!

You Caption This!


  1. Good read. Deep, insightful and profound. Don't let me bore you with my serious talk...

  2. Hahahaha..... good times. I shall remember that week fondly