Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Lets Talk About PR 204

So I am back with the PR series where I share my knowledge and experience in the world of Public Relations. Let me quickly chip in here, the practice of PR in Nigeria has been unfairly misinterpreted by many. It is however a little indistinct to the lay man what PR truly does which is why I started the "Lets talk about PR" series check here http://temibekwe.blogspot.com/2012/05/lets-talk-about-pr-pr-101.html and http://temibekwe.blogspot.com/2013/07/lets-talk-about-pr-pr-202.html

Meanwhile next time you want to carry out a PR campaign and you looking for a consultant, ensure you engage the right ones. It will amaze you that while there are over 100 acclaimed PR "agencies" in Lagos, Nigeria, there are only 45 PRCAN member firms in the Country {PRCAN Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria, the industry body for professional public relations consultants.
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Now to the KOKO! Client Servicing and Business Development in PR

Taking a look at Client Relationship Management in Public Relations or General Consulting Business, it is important to start by stating the obvious…

"No two clients are the same" while you may feel you have operated in that field before and may be able to handle things with this new guy, it is important to put out your psycho-study self. Some may come off as tough no nonsense, some so friendly you are even uncomfortable and others straight to point they know what they need and it ends there.

I decided to share my experience following a meeting with a prospective client last Friday. We got to the meeting as scheduled and after waiting at the reception for about 10minutes, this new client shows up at the reception unassumingly like any other employee in the company. Honestly I could have passed him for just another guy in the building, tailored chinos pant with a designer casual long-sleeved shirt and blue loafers! Blue my favourite colour by the way. 

But as was and is my style, I go to meetings with a prospect with a minimum of 180 - 360 knowledge about the Client, their business or service sphere, competition and VERY importantly the Team; you may not know the junior staff but you should have some insights on the TOP SHOTS or in the least, the "Main Guy" whom you have been scheduled to meet. 

So this guy walks in like of course he didn’t expect us to know him but thanks to Google I already familiarized myself with his face and shared this with my team so viola! We weren’t caught unawares and I can’t tell you how far that went in contributing to the reception and cordial respect we were accorded.

That being said, while when you show up for some first time meetings you may get stuck in a board room with unsmiling faces, find your way around it by knowledge, break the ice with an insightful question and end it with a smile or a compliment here and there. And like me today, you could end up with one so amiable and relaxed, still don’t loose your guard; knowledge is your best armor. 

And if you have any experience with a client in a similar field, let the wisdom from that guide you. And if ever you get stuck trying to prepare for a first time meet with a business prospect, contact me. Cheers! 

Consultants Being Introduced to Client at a first time meet

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