Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Get Smart, Go Digital

Hi there!
I have sincerely been caught up with work; anyways I am open to partnering with people interested in blogging to reach a niche audience and simply for the fun of it! Reach out to me lets work something out.

Okay so I want to quickly drop off here, a run down lists of online news sites that you as a PR Practitioner, a Publicist or an Event Planner can partner with to get your message out to your set target. 

With these platforms, your media release/info. doesn't have to be a straight write ups, you can employ videos, digital photos, graphs and colors to enhance processing of your message by the reader.

First, lets establish some background insights...

v Yes the use of traditional media; Newspaper, Radio and Television in a country like ours is still very potent in getting across to your target, we cannot ignore the growing significance of the Internet or New and emerging media as communications professionals call it.

v Nigeria's population is estimated to be 170Million as at 2013 with people age 15-64 years covering 53.2 % of that population, I want to believe the internet users fall in this category.

v There are 48.66million internet users according to a research done in 2012 [Media Facts, published by MediaReach OMD in 2013].

My advice, you cannot ignore the online news portals and I am here to give you some guide as to where to pitch your next media release. Given the understanding that you use different platforms for different audience depending on your intent.

Please note this is in no way exhaustive but limited to my own knowledge and experiences combined with assistance from the mobile app BHM, an innovative creation to aid media planners and PR peeps, if you haven’t downloaded this APP you should. Available for the general public on Blackberry, IOS, Windows and Android devices. 

Online News Platforms [the listing is not in any order of priority]

Hope you at some point find this very useful, I am signing out for now back to my hustle ... till you come here next time when I will be talking about something around “Dress sense & style, PR way to go?” please leave a comment below, what's your view or experience on this post