Thursday, 5 February 2015

Hey! got gist for you

Say Hellooooo!
So I'm blogging for the first time through my mobile. After a long while I realize blogging doesn't have to be structured, its not until I'm on my laptop and the environment is right.... 

Today I'm sitting in the car, outside ICM (Ikeja City Mall) waiting for my colleagues to come out from a quick grab off the shelf, some items for dinner for a team of us. As I wait, several thoughts come to mind. The fact that as communications professionals we work so hard behind the scene and we are only compensated when our strategy is successfully executed and client says "well done". Our lives, totally in the mix and this time I mean the integrated communication mix.

If you find yourself in my shoes, its important that you find a balance. Now what you call a balance might be different from what I call it. What's important is that you define what is most valuable to you living life, what things give you fulfillment and never compromise on those things. 

For me, I love family, so wherever I am, I create one even at work (which explains why I'm seating in this car waiting for my work family to get out of the mall with our dinner items). 

Smile, for dinner is almost ready

Fast forward, 8' o clock and ... Dinner isn't ready! But, the music is good, the crowd right and the wine is perfect, we chit chat about life, work and our dreams. 

Hey! It's late in the evening and I got a brief to tackle tomorrow, but I hope you enjoyed a peep in my world, I'm sure yours is interesting also. Cheers to a Fab year !

Dinner - Indian/South African Delicacy


  1. Ha ha, so you posted twice and there's a random phone number midway through but it's a great article and fun night

    1. Ha ha ha I just saw all of that... my, my, But thanks to the miracle of desktop blogging, I just fixed all the issues. Thanks Ahmed!

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