Friday, 10 July 2015

Quicky! Lagos at the brink...

So I have decided to start a Quicky Series, quick, insightful stories about trends and happenings around us.

Today's focus is on Lagos, I feel a sudden urge and responsibility to talk about the Lagos I had grown to love, be proud of and quickly defend whenever people try to throw jabs at it. However, this hasn't been the story for some months now. 

This is Lagos

I have moved from shock to awe to shock again, I have watched as our dear rules, values that were strictly upheld by the former Governor of the state, Babatunde Raji Fashola, largely unpopular laws those days and fiercely fought against by small minded people at first but eventually brought, sanity, peace, reduction in accidents and even safety of persons and goods gradually relapse.

Ex-Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola reprimanding an officer publicly for breaking the law

Now July 2015, its almost a song of the past, was it not just yesterday it was a crime to take one-way, face on-coming vehicles and disrupt traffic? Or when was it that you’ll take the pain to go through the pedestrian bridge over the high way for fear of being arrested, I mean arrested for your own safety if you dare cross the high way? 

How about, cleanliness? It was a crime to throw out your dirt on the road ... I am sure you reader are getting jolts right now in your memory... The waterways, neat, nice and orderly... you can add yours at the comment section. 
This the Spot! See some Lagosians crossing the high-way right beside a pedestrian bridge

I drive through Ikorodu road most mornings and the state of things is troubling, people no longer acknowledge the pedestrian bridge even exist, they crowd the high-way like its a sprint to a medal for who doesn’t get hit by the fast moving cars. Motorcycle’s crisscrossing like they have several other lives at home? What about vehicles facing the wrong direction (opposite) on the service lanes? I pray we do not experience the era of Okada robbers again in Lagos, I remember when that was rampant.

Now I begin to wonder, much as I support #Change even though in Lagos what we hoped for was #Continuity of progressive initiatives, has the priority if this government changed?  Or maybe we as citizens need to uphold our own end of the deal, to ensure sustenance of our dear Lagos, this for me is critical. Don’t indulge in breaking these rules and don’t endorse or condone it around you.

Now to our present leaders, how is it that we haven't addressed this knowing that security of persons in the state is principal? Meanwhile, can bloggers, columnist begin to use their medium to educate residents that those initiatives were not a #Fashola syndrome but form parts of a structure put in place to enable the state move forward and assume its status as a true Metropolitan city with huge potentials in Africa and out of Africa?

This is Lagos, I love my Lagos and we must together make it great!

I lay my pen... My keyboard, Lets hear from you below, cheers!

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  1. Amazing piece!!! Good job right there. I definitely concur. It's our state. It's our country. If we don't look after it, who will...

  2. Thanks a lot @Kristin Udoh ... I am sure you are contributing a good quota to make this place we all call "home" great! cheers