Monday, 28 September 2015

Lagos This Sallah!

Lagos is indeed a vibrant city, maybe a little too vibrant actually. It's a place where you can be whatever you want to be, live your dreams and create your realities. 

To fully appreciate the scenery and beauty of the bustling city, one must take time out in the evenings and sometimes late nights to experience Lagos. 

The city achieves some level of calmness and sanity most evenings, especially on holidays, people are less "aggressive", there is cheer, and traffic is less also. 

This Sallah represented different things to different people. For some it was time to spend time with family and loved ones, for others it was time to relax and have fun like never before and for some it was time to spend quality solitary time with our maker. 

Whichever class you belonged, I'd like to think it was a fulfilling holiday. One lesson which came out frankly this period was the fact that if your happiness and satisfaction is still derived from things material or from people, then you really haven't started living at all. 

It's time to begin to appreciate the power of self, to look inward at things beyond our general daily challenges and actually start to create our own realities. Good news is, you are here now to live out today in a way that will make the dreams of tomorrow a reality. 

For me, it was a good mixture of relaxation, fun, some extra work time to meet up some PR deliverables and solitary moment with my maker. 

However, remarkable moments this holiday will be time spent with close friends at Karaoke, Industry night where Timi Dakolo performed magically and importantly, unique time spent as a first time worshipper at the Elevation Church Lekki. 

Timi Dakolo on stage at Industry night last Wednesday... 

My satisfaction and joy comes from contentment, thankfulness and self love... And now I'm recharged with a new kinda vibe and enthusiasm to resume extra ordinary work at the office and I'm hoping I could infect you with some of this vibe I'm feeling. 

This story is incomplete without yours, therefore I really would love to read from you at the comment section, how was this Sallah Holiday for you? Let's gist, Ciao! 

Photo credits: Cegroni, Google. 


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    1. Hanhan @Dimeji Lawal-Are, how come? The babe is still playing hard to get abi? Lol!

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  2. The holidays was fun made me edikaikong and banga soup,my neighbour Brough me salah meat and champagne.
    Finally watched the movie 'Finding Ophylia'.