Friday, 11 March 2016

The Pause... Before You Play

I was going over my initial plans for the new year as I walk past a store on Adeniran Ogunsanya in Surulere end of Lagos when I heard someone exclaim "baba do my own too" ... I paused to think for a second, this phrase has become very common in our environment, a society where your 'situation' can turn around in just 24 hours! (Case in point Adekunle Gold's video for "pick up the call").

Really, we can no longer accept what we see at the surface level as what is anymore. It's also now more important than ever in our society to not "burn bridges" as you never know who's suddenly going to be the next decision maker in a situation regarding you. Question remains, is this a Myth or Fact ? 


Its still the early stage of the new year and most people are filled with hope for a better year, better days, better opportunities. While this is a good thing, it is important that the bedrock of this hope is built on the right principles and values.

Let me quickly break this down, Principles are facts of nature which explains how something works and why something happens. So whatever your religion, culture or status is, if you apply same principles you should get similar results.


Now what about Values? Simply put, values are things or principles that you believe are important in the way you live. So values help you set your priorities right basically and if you follow it through, you can begin to live efficiently by adhering to what 's most important to you and things which will grow you.

This article comes as a nudge in that, while you revisit your plans and prioritise what things are important in actualising your goals this year, it will do you some good to spell out some fundamental principles to guide and drive your chase.

For instance, if you say I want to be as rich as Dangote or I want to be as influential as Mo Abudu, remember to go back and examine what lifestyle and characters got them where they are. Let these principles guide you.


Don't just dream and expect an overnight turn-around or a sudden miracle but do this;

  • Dream

  • Create a clear path to actualising this dream

  • Position yourself for possibilities (I'll talk about this in the next series; be deliberate about your associations)

  • Prioritise your time

 ....and essentially

  • Pray on every dream and goal you have set out to achieve, ask our maker to direct you and increase your capacity to achieve this.

These being said, still enjoy a fab year, word out is, its going to be a "Stress Free Year", do you still believe? Well I do very much. I have keyed into this by strongly believing and accepting it, It has shaped the way I think and react to things so far this year.

I hope you will too! The sky is just your starting point!... see you around.

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  2. Replies
    1. Thank you @Kingsley Atuba, glad it was a worthwhile read.

  3. I find this very inspiring, thanks Teri for this...

  4. I find this very inspiring, thanks Teri for this...

    1. Hello Lina, thank you and am so glad it inspired you, cheers sis!

  5. Nice write up... it's sad we know these things but find it hard to act on/towards it.

    1. Exactly @ Ame Aluede, the discipline remains in the doing and not just in the knowing.