Thursday, 16 February 2017

Career Changes: Why You Should Consider Public Relations

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So I guess your year has kicked off on a strong note and if you are like me, the economic period has only made you tougher, as a purebred Nigerian ahn, we survive. But surviving is limited, the start of a new year presents an opportunity for you to do something right today towards a better future. 

You should take a personal assessment and find out what life's ingredient is missing in your daily habits, requisite skills and innate creativity thats stopping you from reaching heights you've dreamed. 

Could it be that you are in a profession thats just not fit for you due to circumstances and course studied at school? Then maybe you need to get up and do something about it this very moment, take a course, self study, prayerfully make a career change... do something new.

Now let me tell you a little fact about Public Relations and why considering a career in it might just be the next right move. According to Money Magazine, PR position is one of the best 50 jobs in America, (not sure about the rest of the world or your part of the world but google is your best bet for that answer) it is also a fact that PR is a part of the rapidly growing service sector in these times. 


Therefore, are there skills and abilities you might have that puts you as a potentially successful PR Practitioner? 

Lets find out, I  will try to break it down into five simple bullets below;

1. You are a compelling story teller or writer: by this you are able to conceive a message, compose it from its general idea to the body, central idea and bring it to a captivating closing smartly and succinctly.

2. You are able to analyse media consumption habits: this mostly is an innate ability, like a psychic you are able to assume the persons you want to communicate to and anticipate their need and how they want to hear it. This helps you create materials which speaks to them.

3. You are a born creative: I mean you have the natural ease of ability to be creative, in brainstorms and teams you show difference in thinking which produces astonishing results eventually. This is a key skill in thinking up tactics for successful campaigns globally.


4. You love, seek and thrive under pressure: the PR industry is a buzz world, you have to be able to bask in numerous world information and not be swirled but instead harness an uncommon energy and produce unique results for your company or clients. For us as PR practitioners, we relish restlessness and enjoy pressure. Think of an orange... how do you get the juice without pressure?!

5. Now this for me is a single most vital skill, ability to build and sustain relationships: In PR, relationship is everything! With the media, your client, potential leaders, key gate-keepers in organisations etc. You have to be able to recognise the right relationships necessary for your business and nurture it genuinely and not because you will need them only but because you truly appreciate the roles they play. 

...relationship is the oil in the wheels of PR -- Ophylia Ibekwe

There are other skills I will like to discuss but wouldn't want a lengthy post here as the five discussed above are top on that list. Next time I will talk about others or you connect with me on social media for more discuss.

The above skills are transferrable and relatable with any clime and location around the globe, was your answer YES to all five? If so you are on your way to unlocking the gift of loving what you do! Something everyone seeks in their career path and 2017 is already a fantastic year!

All the best!

Your PR Chic

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