Wednesday, 29 August 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding

There are quite a number of misconceptions about what personal branding really is and how one should go about it. However, one fact remains, everyone has a personal brand.

"Your personal brand is a sum total of who you are and who you are becoming; your values, your skills, your strengths & weaknesses, your personality" 

Understanding your personal brand is coming to the consciousness of who you really are and making a deliberate effort to cultivate how you impress it on others.

Like Marisa Murgatroyd puts it, "if you choose to not consciously care about your personal brand, people will judge you based on how you are accidentally turning up."

Let's discuss some misconceptions; what Personal branding is not:

I. Personal Branding is not the number of social events you get invited to. While this can help build your social profile and certain events build your brand, it is not by itself alone, personal branding.

II. Personal Branding isn't the number of media exposure or feature you get. Note that this point does help grow your brand, it helps project a certain characteristic of your brand to a key target audience you wish to serve.

III. Personal branding is not displaying who you are not; your "wish self", this will be pathetic because in a short while your audience will able to see through it all.

IV. Personal Branding is not changing your wardrobe into something more fashionable. 

V. Personal branding isn't something to take on briefly and then stop only to resume later.

Tips to grow your personal brand

--which can then be transferred to whatever channel or platform you wish to showcase

1. Do a soul search, who really are you? No two humans are the same have you heard? What are your likes, dislikes, values, aspirations, passion?

2. Define what your brand really is in proper alignment with point (1) above.

PS: this is a sum up of your strengths, weaknesses, passion etc. 

3. Determine if who you really correlate with the general perception of you or not. Let me break this down a little, are you gentle kind and hardworking but at work, social gatherings and all, you seem to be the grouchy, sad, unfriendly one when the only weakness is that you are shy?

There is a disconnect, make an effort to correct this image by consciously caring about the aura you bring with you and after you walk right out the door.

4. Define your style, and how you want to be addressed. it takes 7secs for someone to make an impression about you and all they have to take in within that time frame is all of "how you are showing up" which includes to a large extent, your appearance and your aura.

5. Determine ways to constantly work on who you are becoming while consistently showcasing your personal brand at various touch points and interactions with others.

6. This is probably the most important; be authentic, everyone else is already taken, your uniqueness is in your originality. Your strengths and your weaknesses count for something, stop trying to paint the picture perfect.

I hope these points to help you begin the journey of growing your personal brand because you do have one and the world is waiting for you to impact on us uniquely and greatly.

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